All the following were unsolicited comments provided in notes to Eva Klein following various consulting studies and/or presentations at professional associations or regional conferences.

Consulting Studies—Higher Education Strategies

University Engagement Strategy
The Relevant University:  Making Community and Economic Engagement Matter
The University of Toledo
“Eva Klein & Associates brought to The University of Toledo great expertise, acumen, and commitment.  Working with EKA did not feel like working with a “usual” consultant, it felt like working with a team of friends and colleagues.  As regards Eva Klein herself, seldom have I encountered a person so dedicated, diligent, and intelligent.  I am in her debt.”
Lloyd A. Jacobs, MD, President, The University of Toledo

Strategic Master Plan
The College of Coastal Georgia
“The College of Coastal Georgia has been transformed, thanks to Eva Klein and her team.  Our Strategic Master Plan has driven our progress and has set us apart from other institutions.  In its first Georgia engagement, the EKA team brought new vision, creativity, and thoughtful analysis, all of which expanded our thinking, enriched our planning, and ensured our success.  EKA made a lasting impact and long time friends here at Coastal Georgia.”
Valerie Hepburn, PhD, Visiting Professor, Office of the Senior Vice President/Provost, University of Georgia; formerly President, The College of Coastal Georgia

“I am grateful to have been a part of a very exciting project and life of our college.  I was amazed at the depth of talent you brought to the project and the results speak for themselves.  Best wishes to you and your company for future health and prosperity.”
Connie Patrick, Executive Director, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, GA

Higher Education Advocacy Agenda
(In Response to Louisiana State Higher Education Budget Crisis)
Committee of One Hundred, Community Foundation, and Public Higher Education Institutions—in NW Louisiana
“Thank you again, Eva, for an excellent report.  I enjoyed having the opportunity to collaborate with you on such an important initiative for our state.  Your knowledge of the higher education field is truly remarkable, but your passion for what you do is admirable and contagious!”
Linda M. Biernacki, President, Fire Tech Systems and President, Committee of One Hundred, Shreveport-Bossier

“I keep hearing your name around town, and how everyone is so ‘impressed.’  You must be doing something right.  Let me know when you will be back, so I can get an autograph.”
Mike Alost, Slack Alost Development, Shreveport, LA

Strategic Plan
Colorado School of Mines
“It was so good to hear from you.  I hope that you realize how much the Mines Strategic Plan benefited from your assistance and expertise.  Should you ever be in the Denver area and have time to share a meal, I would value the opportunity to talk with you again.”
Robert Moore, Vice President for Budget and Finance, University of Colorado System, formerly Vice President for Finance and Administration, Colorado School of Mines

Matching Facilities to Missions:
Comprehensive Capital Planning for Massachusetts State and Community Colleges

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Higher Education
“The Commonwealth of Massachusetts had never done a comprehensive review of building conditions and capital needs for the State College and Community College Higher Education System.  We saw Eva Klein & Associates as an innovator that looked at existing conditions and asked not what it was, but what could it be.  EKA’s approach had us looking beyond repair and helped us make the leap to modernization.  The result was a Capital Plan that everyone in the System stands behind, even 3+ years after the project ended.”
Kurt T. Steinberg, Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
(Then Associate Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Policy, Massachusetts Board of Higher Education)

Academic Strategic Plan—Allied Health Sciences
School of Medicine, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“And, finally, to Eva and Anita: Thank you for everything!  Your willingness to be flexible and work with us through this sometimes bumpy first phase of our planning was invaluable.  We had a few false starts, but your input and guidance helped us arrive at the vision and strategies we ultimately captured in this strategic program plan.  The possibilities identified in this plan are truly exciting, and if there is any sanity left in the world, we will most certainly have the opportunity to move forward with more specific planning in the coming year.”
Lee McLean, PhD, Associate Dean and Chair, Department of Allied Health Sciences, School of Medicine, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Strategic Plan
New Jersey City University
“I have no second thoughts after a second reading.  Who can argue with a report that so eloquently draws strengths from our frailties?  I can’t wait to hear the reaction of the Cabinet!”
Marilyn Ettinger, Chair, Department of Business Administration and Chair, Strategic Planning Committee, New Jersey City University

Capital Equity/Adequacy Study and 10-Year Capital Plan
Board of Governors, The University of North Carolina (System)
“Eva, great to hear from you...Attached is the list as it was "put into the budget" back in 2001….Of course, there were some changes—savings were used here and there and the Legislature did change a few, at our request.  The whole State has benefited incredibly from your work!”
Robert Nelson, Vice President for Finance, The University of North Carolina (General Administration), formerly State Budget Officer, Office of the Governor


Consulting Studies—University Engagement and Regional Economic Strategies

Planning:  Regional Economic Strategy
Greater Roanoke Regional Economic Development Partnership, Virginia
"Eva Klein didn't tell our region's leaders what we wanted to hear; she told us what we needed to hear.  She led us to develop a knowledge-based economic development strategy that was practical, achievable, and results-oriented."
Beth Doughty, President & CEO, Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, Roanoke, VA

University Engagement and Partnership Strategies and Capital Planning
NC State University
“Ten years ago, your recommendations for advancing NC State's engagement programs knocked our socks off.  You'd be pleased to know that a decade later people are still quoting your report.  And we still use the space standards you developed for the UNC system to assess our space needs and identify capital improvements priorities.  Your work has had a lasting impact on our campus!”
Karen Helm, Director, Institutional Research and Planning, NC State University

University Engagement and Partnership Strategies
NC State University
“…No matter what continues in the future, let's keep in touch.  I am always available for working collaboratively or supporting your work.  I have always been an admirer of your straight talk and high quality perspectives.  Too many people dance around university administrators when they need to be dosed with non-political realities.”
Russ Lea, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), formerly Vice President for Research, University of South Alabama (formerly Associate Vice President for Research, NC State University)

“Not only were you one of the first people I know to ‘get it’ about the roles of the university in the Knowledge Economy, but also, as a master facilitator, you have the terrific, rare ability to facilitate brainstorming among bright, high-powered stakeholders.  I have enjoyed watching you navigate ‘agendas’ to help us get to consensus on vision and priorities.  Also rare among consultants is your way of minimizing ‘consultant-speak’ in favor of focusing on getting to results that matter for the institution and its constituents.”
W. Mark Crowell, Executive Director, UVA Innovation and Associate Vice President for Research, The University of Virginia (Then Associate Vice Chancellor for Economic Development and Technology Transfer, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and President, Association of University Technology Managers)

Strategic Dialogue Retreat Facilitation and Post-Meeting Report
For Multi-Institutional Collaboration Model on Energy Research and Development
Geological Survey of Canada (with University of Ottawa and Carleton University)
“Thanks for the report.  I truly appreciate the quality of your work and the tight deadlines you were able to meet.  The observations you added in the last section are very valuable as they provide me with an essential external view on these discussions. I was pleased to see this section and thought it provided real value-added.  I hope that we will be able to meet with the Universities soon in the New Year and move this project forward.  Thank you again for agreeing to take this on.  It is a pleasure to work with you and benefit from your thoughtful insight and experience.”
Marc D’Iorio, PhD, Director General, Environmental Protection Operations at Environment Canada (then Director General, Geological Survey of Canada)

Strategic Plan:  Regional Economic Development
New Orleans Regional Biosciences Strategy (New Orleans BioDistrict)
New Orleans Regional Planning Commission; Regional Universities; Regional Business Organizations
“Eva’s leadership and dedication to both the management and mobilization of the New Orleans Regional Biosciences Initiative (NORBI) made a monumental impact on our region’s recovery. EKA’s facilitation and management style resulted in the unanimous endorsement needed to put New Orleans back on the biosciences map.”
Walter Brooks, Executive Director, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission

Strategic Business Plan for a Research Park and Regional Strategy
Innovation Campus at South Dakota State University
SDSU Growth Partnership, Inc.
“It has been a pleasure working with you this past year.  You are pros at what you do and, in spite of the pressures, your response is always even and steady.  Have a wonderful holiday and we will continue the grind later.”
Robert Miller, Formerly Special Assistant to the President, SD State University and SDSU Growth Partnership

Comprehensive Business Plan
Audubon Biomedical Science and Technology Park at Columbia University
Columbia University, Health Sciences Division
“Eva built the only university research park on Broadway!”
William A. Polf, PhD, then Senior Vice President, Columbia University Health Sciences Division), New York

Books, Speeches/Presentations, and Awards

Private Comment from Official Book Reviewer
Strategic Capital Development:  The New Model for Campus Investment, APPA 2011
“The only thing I can say is that after reviewing the book I bought 10 copies and distributed them on campus to the people I work with.  With each copy I said this is what I've been trying to do but didn't have all the right words yet.  I intend to make good use of Strategic Capital Planning for the benefit of my university.”--Ted
Ted Weidner, President, Facility Asset Consulting, then Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management & Planning, University of Nebraska

Strategic Capital Development:  The New Model for Campus Investment, APPA 2011
“Finally finished your book.  I am impressed as I expected to be!”
John C. Chadwick AIA, Assistant Superintendent, Facilities and Operations at Arlington Public Schools

AURP Appreciation Award
Association of University Research Parks
“Eva, congratulations on receiving the AURP Appreciation Award.  Your contributions to AURP and the Science Park Industry have made us better and I am truly grateful.  My sincere regards.”
Bill Dean, billdeanStrategies, LLC

Invited Keynote Presentation—Regional Strategy in the Knowledge Economy
Thomas Jefferson Partnerships for Economic Development, Charlottesville, Virginia
“From all of the feedback that I have received, you hit the bulls-eye with your ‘common vision’ speech.  For this, my colleagues and I thank you.”
Michael Shareck, Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development, Charlottesville, Virginia

Training Presentation—Technology-Led Economic Development
International Council for Economic Development
“Eva, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to help lead the Tech Led Economic Development session in Chicago.  I heard very positive comments from many of the attendees. Many said it was the best session they attended.”
Rick L. Weddle, President & CEO, Research Triangle Foundation of NC

Invited Presentation—Knowledge Community Partnerships
University Consortium for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
"Thanks so much for being a speaker at our Measuring Up Conference.  So many people have told me how much they enjoyed your presentation on ‘Knowledge Communities and Successful Partnership Building.’  It was the real hit of the program and we have already begun to implement some of your ideas.  As a consortium of 70 universities throughout the US, it is vital for UCAR to continuously build and maintain successful partnerships within our community.  Thank you for giving us some much-needed perspective on how this can be accomplished.”
Jeff Reaves, Associate Vice President, Business Services, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Invited Keynote Address—Innovation in the Global Knowledge Economy
Canada Foundation for Innovation
“Thank you for your informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining talk at CFI's Annual Public Meeting.  We enjoyed interacting with you immensely, and you have given us much to think about as we plan for CFI's future funding programs.  The audience feedback we received has been very positive and enthusiastic.  In short--you were a great hit!”
Dr. Eliot Phillipson, President and CEO, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ottawa, Canada

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