Sustainable Business Models for the 21st Century University

Sketch and photo courtesy of Bruce L. Flye, Jr., bruceflye.comWith Eva Klein’s four decades of focus on higher education, EKA’s work includes shaping strategies for how educational institutions envision their futures and create identities and priorities. Also, on a tactical level, EKA helps clients organize, manage, and finance themselves.

EKA supports design and implementation of university strategies to acquire and deploy human resources, capital assets, and financial resources strategically and more productively. This includes strategic, program, facilities, and resource planning engagements of many types:

  • Strategic planning—process design, facilitation, and plan development
  • Academic program planning
  • Organization / staffing studies
  • Business processes / productivity
  • Governance structures / practices
  • Policy analysis and development
  • Capital facilities needs assessments
  • Space planning and utilization
  • Capital facilities / projects planning
  • Campus master planning
  • Capital finance planning
  • Budget and financing strategies
  • Real estate / campus development strategies